Benchmarking Dublin’s competitiveness

Following a number of years of difficult economic conditions, the Irish and Dublin economies have recovered to rank amongst the most competitive in Europe. Business costs in the capital remain relatively low, while the labour market has improved and contributed to high levels of value...

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dundrum town centre

Dundrum Town Centre Experiential Shopping

The retail sector represents Ireland's largest indigenous industry employing almost 280,000 people, accounting for almost 14% of Irish jobs and 23% of the State’s tax revenue. While retail has been through a period of change over the past decade, with a decline of 40,000 jobs from...

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Infrastructure Investment & Economic Growth

After several years of unavoidable restraint government capital spending has begun to increase and there will likely be an expanded capital programme in the years immediately ahead. This has spurred a debate on regional development and on the priorities for infrastructure investment, including the perennial Dublin...

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