dundrum town centre

Dundrum Town Centre Experiential Shopping

The retail sector represents Ireland's largest indigenous industry employing almost 280,000 people, accounting for almost 14% of Irish jobs and 23% of the State’s tax revenue. While retail has been through a period of change over the past decade, with a decline of 40,000 jobs from...

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Infrastructure Investment & Economic Growth

After several years of unavoidable restraint government capital spending has begun to increase and there will likely be an expanded capital programme in the years immediately ahead. This has spurred a debate on regional development and on the priorities for infrastructure investment, including the perennial Dublin...

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Sustainable Data Centre Development in Grange Castle

Microsoft continue to work with South Dublin County Council on the development of their sustainable data centre in Grange Castle Business Park. Ireland is a strategic location for Microsoft globally, with a 1,200-strong team working across European Middle East and Africa Operations, European Data Centre, European...

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The Dublin regional enterprise strategy 2017-2019

The Dublin regional Enterprise Strategy, developed by the four local authorities of the Dublin region, provides a coherent and coordinated approach to promoting enterprise, employment and entrepreneurial activities in the Dublin region for the period 2017-2019. A review of existing and emerging policy was the framework...

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Labour market in the Dublin region

With employment levels of almost 620,000, the Dublin region accounts for just over 30% of the total employment in Ireland. Moreover, recent employment growth has been the strongest in Dublin, with participation and employment rates ahead of other regions. However, the recovery in the Dublin region is...

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Launch of €60 million VC fund

Last June saw a steep change in Ireland’s efforts to translate academic research into high-quality jobs. We are now joining a select group of countries that has a dedicated venture capital fund to translate innovative academic research into companies that compete in global markets. The new...

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Dublin’s post Brexit future

Assessing the impact of Brexit on the Irish economy in general and the Dublin economy in particular is fraught with difficulty. The likelihood is that the future relationship between the UK and the European Union will be unique and not necessarily derived from existing templates...

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