Sandyford Business District

Driving innovation in east Dublin’s global business quarter and aiming to become the Sandyford Innovation District by 2021. Sandyford Business District (SBD) comprises four Business Parks (Central Park, Sandyford Business Park, South County Business Park and Stillorgan Business Park) and is bordered by the Leopardstown Racecourse...

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The science of where

The concept of “Geography as a Platform” may be new to the business world but evidence suggests there is no better way to make sense of complex business problems than by harnessing the power of location. Although this is their first year to be involved in...

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The future as we know it

Technological advancement demands adaptive strategies to deal with rapid changes. It took the telephone 75 years to reach 50 million users. The Internet: 4 years. Angry Birds: 35 days. This shows just how quickly technology and its applications have spread and so will their impact on business...

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